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Hand and Wrist Exercising Tips

Hand and Wrist Exercising Tips
Hands and wrists are in most cases neglected by most people while exercising. Itís equally important to exercise your hands and wrists since when you exercise them; you reduce joint stiffness, maintain and increase movement range in all joints of the hand and wrist. You also increase muscle power. With these exercises, you prevent or correct deformities if any therefore improving its overall function.
Hand and wrist exercises are pretty simple and easy to do. The most basic are as follows;
Make a fist then spread fingers out and repeat. (Loose grip)
Put your forearm on the table, the palm facing down. Turn the hand over until palm faces upwards and down again.
With you forearm on table, palm down. Keep forearm on table and moving wrist, lift hand off table with fingers straight, and down again (You can do this exercise over the arm of a chair)
Forearm on table, palm down. Keeping arm still, take fingers over towards thumb, one by one, keeping hand in contact with the table at all times. N.B. Avoid moving fingers out towards little fingers as this will encourage one of the common deformities of arthritis.
Forearm on table, palm down. Lift up each finger in turn as high as possible keeping palm on table, and down again.
Forearm on table, palm upwards. Keeping arm down move from wrist and lift hand up from the table and down again.
Put thumb and tip of little finger together. Slide thumb to base of finger and up again. Repeat with each finger.
Forearm on table, palm up. Bring tips of thumbs to base of little fingers and then stretch out to touch table with tips of thumbs. Repeat with each finger.
Forearm on table, thumb facing up. Keeping arm still and moving from the wrist, bend hand forwards and backwards.
Spread fingers out as far as possible and in again.
These exercises are to be done on a regular basis, however, if you experience any problems as a result of doing these exercises, stop and contact your Physiotherapist.

This article was published on Tuesday 09 May, 2006.
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