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Concept2 Dyno Trainer

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The Dyno Club Crosstrainer Uses Wind Resistance and Dynamic Strength Training...Multi Function CrossTraining Doesn’t Get Better Than This!!! ...

The Dyno Performs Bench Press, Rowing & Leg Press Exercises With Secondary Abdominal Muscle Training As Well.

Great Feedback & Testing Info: Shows Max Lift Or Max Rep in Pounds Or Watts, Shows Average Resistance Over Training Set, Total Reps, Heart Rate Monitoring Option Available.

  • Do several different lifts circuit-style with minimal set-up changes.
  • No risk of weights or bars injuring you if you can’t complete a lift at a heavy weight.
  • Great For Seniors, Rehab, Schools, Clubs, Athletes or The Ultimate Home Cross Trainer.
  • Athletes of different strengths & levels can work out together, alternating lifts, without having to change plates.

The Dyno Difference
Chest Press position on the DYNO
The resistance on the DYNO is created by the rotation of a specially designed flywheel. The harder you push (or pull), the faster the wheel spins, and the more wind resistance is generated. In other words, the resistance is created in direct response to the user’s effort. We call this Dynamic Strength Training. You don’t have to decide how many plates to put on the bar or where to set the pin in the weight stack. You just get on and push as hard as you want to and the DYNO creates the appropriate resistance. Another advantage to the DYNO’s dynamic resistance is that as your strength varies from one point in a lift to another, the DYNO responds with a different amount of resistance to match. In traditional lifting, you can only put on the bar as much weight as you can lift at the weakest point in the lift, which may not be enough to challenge your muscles in the stronger part of the lift.

The Force Monitor

The Force Monitor
The DYNO Force monitor is what really makes the DYNO special. As soon as you complete each lift, it tells you just how much weight you lifted! Throughout the set, it keeps track of your max lift for the set. At the end of your set, it tells you the average for the set. The Recall function enables you to call up the score for each lift when you finish your session. This kind of direct feedback is rare among strength training devices. The instant, accurate information keeps you motivated, and makes it easy to monitor your progress.


The DYNO is capable of providing anywhere up to 1100 lbs. of resistance making it suitable for people of all strength levels and with a wide range of goals. It is easy to adjust the height of your feet and arms, allowing different sized people to use the DYNO with minimal set up time. You can adjust the speed of the lift by opening or closing the eight dampers on the flywheel. You may choose to do any number of reps with any desired rest between the reps. This makes the DYNO suitable for heavy, low rep lifting or light, high rep lifting. It works well both for an individual lifter or as part of a circuit for an entire team or exercise class.


The absence of weight plates makes the DYNO a very safe way to build strength. There is no fear of failing to complete a lift or having the weights fall on you. In addition, the fact that the resistance is determined by how hard the user pushes makes it less likely that you will strain yourself by trying to lift too much weight.

Here’s what it’s like to work out on the DYNO

We’ll take you through a set of reps on the Leg Press. First, check to see that the desired number of dampers are open, and adjust the foot height using the Flexfoot, just like on the Indoor Rower. Now, sit on the seat and put your feet in the foot stretchers on the rolling carriage. Grasp the handles under the seat. The monitor automatically gives you three free lifts for warm-up. Press your legs down easily, once, twice, and building a little pressure, three times. Note that the monitor counts down these three warm-up lifts for you. Now, the next one counts. Give it all you can. Push with your legs! As soon as you finish the lift, your score pops up on the monitor: 195 lbs. Now you are ready to press again, determined to beat the last reading. Push! 199 lbs. Better, but you’d really like to break 200. Push harder! 201! You did it! The legs come back for more. 198 lbs. Your legs are feeling the work. Four more lifts, each one scored and counted, and then you are done with your set of 8. You pause and watch the monitor. Ten seconds after the last press, the monitor will automatically display your average for the set of eight lifts. You’re hoping you kept it above 195, but you’re not sure. The last few lifts were not as strong because your legs were tired. There’s the average: 194 lbs. Not bad. Better than last time, which was 191. Your goal is 205. You’ll rest for 2 minutes then do it again.


DYNO Facts:

  • Rowing specific strength training - Leg press geometry is designed to match rowing position, bench pull "oar handles" are adjustable to proper finish height.
  • The Dyno Performs Core Cross Training Exercises...Bench Press, Leg Press, Row and Secondary Abdominal Training.
  • Smart Force Monitor - Instant, accurate feedback helps you monitor your progress.
  • Dynamic Loading - The more force you apply, the more weight you "lift".
  • Serious Lifting, No Weights - Up to 1000 lbs. can be "lifted" on the DYNO.
  • Wide Load Range - Eight damper levers control airflow to the fan.

Advantages of
Dynamic Strength Training:

  • Athletes of different strengths can work out together, alternating lifts, without having to change plates
  • Do several different lifts circuit-style with minimal set-up changes.
  • No risk of weights or bars injuring you if you can’t complete a lift at a heavy weight.
  • Great For Seniors, Rehab, Schools, Clubs or Athletes

What does the DYNO do?

  • Leg Press
  • Seated Bench Press
  • Seated Bench Pull/Row
  • Targets body’s large muscle groups
  • Will give you a more powerful foundation for any sport or activity

Force Monitor shows:

  • The force of each repetition.
  • The number of reps you have done.
  • An average force for your set.
  • The force reading of your best rep.
  • The number of sets you have done.

The Force Monitor also:

  • Knows when you begin lifting and automatically begins monitoring your work.
  • Has an automatic calibration function to ensure accuracy.
  • Times each rep and rest between sets.
  • Has a display option that can show you your output in terms of power, work, or velocity of your lift.
  • Displays force in pounds or kilograms.
  • Stores the result information for up to 20 sets.


Space Requirements:

  • DYNO is 7’11" long by 32" maximum width at handle
  • Space of 9’ x 5’ is required for use
  • Weight: 120 lbs.


  • Frame: The frame is steel. Parts are epoxy-coated. The carriage rolls on a stainless steel track.
  • Flywheel: Fully enclosed chain driven steel flywheel.

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