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Remanufactured Fitness Equipment Guide

Why to buy Remanufactured Equipment

Remanufactured equipment (sometimes called "refurbished" or "reconditioned," depending upon the dealer) is an option that allows both fitness facilities and home users to gain high quality, high-end commercial equipment at very low prices -- anywhere from 20-60% off the cost of a brand new unit.

Remanufactured versus Refurbished versus Reconditioned.  Unfortunately, there are no industry standard definitions for these terms and what you get will vary from company to company.  Make sure to ask what a company’s definition of what they are selling you is because you might be surprised at the answer.  Some companies will just wipe a unit down, touch up the paint and then send it out the door as "remanufactured."  Beware of these companies! 

A shot of treadmills in one of our remanufacturing shops.

Let’s go over the life of a piece of gym equipment destined for remanufacturing.  Most larger gym chains lease their equipment instead of buying it.  This allows them to trade in their equipment every two years or so.  Once that equipment has been returned (either to the manufacturer or the lease agent), it is then resold to a remanufacturer.  A quality remanufacturer will then strip the unit down to the frame, sanded down to remove any traces of rust (a number of less reputable vendors might just paint over rust, so beware!) and then repaint it using the same high end paint ($250-300/gallon!) used by the manufacturers themselves.  Then, all wear items are replaced -- bearings, grips, rollers and so on.  Diagnostics are then run on the electronics to make sure they are up to snuff and then cleaned up or replaced.  On most equipment (treadmills and ellipticals, for example) most problems will, luckily, come in the form of the control board.  Luckily because the boards can generally be replaced for $30 or so and take almost no time to reinstall. 

We also find that remanufactured equipment has a lower return or repair rate than new equipment.  This may sound counter intuitive, but because the units are gone over and serviced so thoroughly, any defects or problems that might have come out of the manufacturer are found and fixed as part of the servicing.  Repair and service issues on remanufactured units typically only amount to about 3% of the equipment we sell.

Our remanufacturers also service strength equipment.

With a little bit of research, going the remanufactured route will allow a smaller fitness facility to compete with larger chains by offering competitive fitness equipment while saving money.  In fact, many fitness trainers and gyms are finding they are able to reach a profit much earlier by taking advantage of the lower cost and high reliability of remanufactured equipment.  It also lets home users purchase the high-end commercial equipment they work out on at their local gyms for a fraction of the price. 

Why to buy remanufactured equipment from Us:

Treadmills Central is the largest single dealer for remanufactured fitness equipment in the US and one of the largest in the world.  Our high quality, low cost remanufacturing process, done right here in the US.  Due to the extensive technique we’ve developed, our remanufactured treadmills and ellipticals have a lower problem rate than most new equipment.  You read that right, our remanufactured equipment has a much lower repair rate than most new equipment sold by our competitors!  In fact, our repair rate on ellipticals is at less than half a percent.  This is because of the thorough servicing our repair techs do on every part of the machines they work on.  This track record has allowed Treadmills Central to dominate the arena of remanufactured equipment for much of our nearly 8 years in business. 

If you’re looking for the highest quality remanufactured equipment with the best repair record in the industry, then your search ends at Treadmills Central.  High quality, commercial equipment at the lowest prices around are now within your reach.  Order now!

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This article was published on Monday 28 August, 2006.
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